Dinglong Leaders Find Solidarity in Gobi Desert Challenge

Thirty-four leaders from the printing and imaging business unit of the Dinglong Group headed off to the Gobi Desert in the middle of summer.


It was the idea of Benjamin Young, the head of the printing and imaging business unit and co-founding general manager of Speed Infotech Holdings Limited (Speed) that encouraged team members from Hubei Dinglong Chemical Co., Ltd (Dinglong Chemical), Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd (Mito), Shenzhen Retech Technology Co., Ltd (ReTech), Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd. (Chipjet), Speed Infotech Holdings Limited (Speed) and Printwell to hike 88km in the well-known desert over three days.

The Gobi Desert in Gansu province covers parts of Northern and Northeastern China is the sixth-largest desert in the world and the second-largest in Asia after the Arabian Desert.

Notable for the location of several important cities along the Silk Road it is essentially a cold desert. Its mean January temperature is −26.5 °C (−15.7 °F) but the July mean temperature is a much more bearable 17.5 °C (63.5 °F). This being the reason for the trek in the midst of summer.

Team members were divided into three teams and set out from Loulou Mountain, Pochengzi, Dongbatu and completed the trek at Taer Temple.

“Benjamin is a strong guy when it comes to marketing and is one tough guy in the desert too,” commented one of the hikers. “We can conquer any future challenges as a team with Benjamin.”.”

Enduring such a brave feat and completing it successfully has brought encouragement to the team determined to work more closely together to build a strong group of companies to serve the global imaging supplies market. “This journey has bonded us tightly and has provided encouragement to meet all future challenges,” a hiker told RT Media. “No matter how hard the industry and environment become in the years ahead, we have a very clear goal, coming out of the Gobi, to focus on delivering better products and service for every single customer.”

Another hiker commented, “This hike has moved and touched me. It has changed me. I now realize that we are one, we are strong and we can conquer the future because we are united.”

Founded in 2000, Dinglong is a publicly listed company and includes Mito (color and reman laser cartridge), Retech (reman and mono laser cartridge), Speed (reman inkjet cartridge), Chipjet (chip design and service) and Printwell (new inkjet cartridges).