4 Ways to Solve HP Firmware Updates

HP updates firmware successively in 2020.To solve problems caused by the firmware updates, Mito’s sister company Chipjet worked out four practical solutions for users to manually turn off firmware updates so that they would not be locked out from using their choice of printer cartridges.

Solution 1: Via HP Smart software 

1.      Search HP Smart App from applications, download and install it;

2.      Turn on the printer wireless network function;

3.      Find the wireless network via smartphone wifi and type in passwords to connect;

4.      Open HP Smart App, click the printer ink volume icon;

5.      Go to the setting button from the Advanced Settings;

6.      Select “Security” from the drop-down menu and click “Administrator Settings”;

7.      Find the “Printer Update” option and uncheck the “All Firmware Updates” option to turn off the automatic printer upgrade function.

Solution 2: Via IP address settings 

1.      After the printer is connected to the network, click the “Network” option on the page to view the printer’s IP address;

2.      Enter the printer IP address on the computer browser page;

3.      Go to the “Settings” page in the menu and click on the “Security” option;

4.      Find “Administrator Settings” and open;

5.      Swipe to the bottom of the page to find “Printer Update” and uncheck it to turn off the automatic printer upgrade function.

Solution 3: Via the printer’s service mode 

1.    On the printer operation panel, click the “back button” 4 times to enter the “Support Menu”;

2.    After finding the “on/off” menu on the page, press OK to enter;

3.    Find “Firmware Update” and click on the up and down buttons to turn off the automatic printer upgrade function;

4.    The screen displays “Firmware Update Disabled. Press OK to enable it.”

Solution 4: Via the printer’s setting pattern

1.    Find the printer “Settings” button, scroll down the page to the “Printer Maintenance” option and click to enter;

2.    Find the “Update Printer” button;

3.    Select “Printer update option automatic update installation (recommended)” tick the Do not check for updates option;

4.    Select “No” in the pop-up page to turn off the push function of the printer “automatic firmware update”.