Mito releases IP safe dongle gear solutions!

Mito is releasing its IP safe MTG series gear as an alternative to Canon’s dongle gear.  


The Intellectual Property Rights Branch of U.S. Customs and Border Protection has issued its letter of ruling on February 1, 2017, stating that the Mito toner cartridges with the MTGTM01, MTGTM02 and MTGTM03 coupling member-drum flange assemblies do not violate the 918 GEO.  


[T]he Mito Products do not infringe upon the independent claims of the ‘278, ‘564, ‘215, ‘008, and ‘090 patents and thus these articles are outside the scope of the 918 GEO. . . .  As such, they are not subject to exclusion from entry for consumption into the United States, entry for consumption from a foreign-trade zone, or withdrawal from a warehouse for consumption.


Mito’s IP team has done a great job in designing around the patents covered by the 918GEO, Among the features of Mito’s IP solutions are:


· Rotatable in all directions;

· Easy installation into all printers without any abnormal sound;

· Smooth disengagement from all Printers without the risk of damaging printers.


The gears is compatible with a wide range of monochrome cartridges, including:

MTGTM01: CE505A/X,CF280A/X;

MTGTM02: CE255A/X;

MTGTM03: CF226A/X,CF228A/X,CF287A/X.

There will be more and more IP solutions to be released from our design team in the months to come.


Saving the best for the last!

Mito, only the best!