Raw Materials Inspection

Mito only works with well- known major suppliers for quality components to ensure the quality and stability of each toner cartridge made in our facility. In addition, we now have the ability to make efficient and effective supply chain operations within Dinglong Group and fully make use of every raw materials resource of our Dinglong Group such as toner, rollers, chips and gears.

Inspection Equipment

A huge amount of sources and resources have been invested in advanced testing equipment for detailed analysis. Professional equipment and facilities, as well as procedures, are certified and required by STMC and QC080000, such as X–Rite spectrodensitometer for testing 2 major parameters - optical density and color gamut and spectrometer for RoHS standard etc., as well as other meters for testing the hardness of roller and melting point of toner powder.

Inspection Standards

Strict test is gone through RIT, in order to conform ASTM and ISO /IEC for the highest quality standard and to be recognized by an international laboratory and the industry as well. Every cartridge is environmental friendly and conforms to international standards such as ISO14000 and QC080000.

Inspection Process

Ⅰ. Strict quality inspection for incoming raw materials
Ⅱ. 100% test on assembly line
Ⅲ. 2% inspection before packaging
Ⅳ. 2% inspection before shipment
Ⅴ. 0.1% life span test